Frequently Asked Questions

One - two people will  take approximately 2-2.5 hours from start to finish. Three- four people takes approximately 4.5 hours.  You will get to your brightest bright in one session instantly!


We never guarantee you won’t experience sensitivity because it all depends on your hydration. Most people experience little to no sensitivity or tingling after treatment. It was formulated with sensitive teeth in mind. It’s safe on enamel, protects gums, causes little to no sensitivity. A very small percentage of people will have minor discomfort in their mouth and this normally dissipates within 24 hours. You won’t experience any sensitivity from our gel because we don't use harsh chemicals or preservatives, but we encourage you to hydrate VERY well 24 hours before your appointment because you can experience some form of dehydrated nerves.

Yes, but we recommend that you contact your OBGYN prior to whitening while pregnant. However, it is an organic plant-based product free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Also, there are no government-issued restrictions that currently exist.

We can’t guarantee how long the results will last since everybody has a different teeth composition. We have seen the average is about 3-6 months though, It really depends on when you feel like your stains are coming back, and then we encourage you to schedule another appointment to maintain them. You can have a whitening treatment as early as a month later.

We have clients of all ages from 13-73 and have seen amazing results. If you are under the age of 18 you must have a legal guardian sign for consent. If it's a younger client we ask that they have headphones or a tablet to play with as they can get antsy for that hour and a half of sitting still. As long as all permanent teeth have erupted we are good to go!

For best results, yes! The professional dental cleaning process removes the film layer (plaque), which yields much quicker and better results from the whitening treatment. If you have not had a dental cleaning within the last 6 months, please note that the whitening agents will first have to break down the film layer on your teeth before they can begin to remove any stains.

We will not refuse treatment to those who have not had a recent dental cleaning; however, please understand that your results will vary based on the state of your teeth.

Our whitening system is safe for crowns, caps, and veneers, and stains will whiten, returning to their original color.

When bonding is applied to someone's teeth, it has been applied in a specific color. Any stains that have occurred over time will whiten from the bonding, and they will be brought back to their original color. The whitening gel will not harm or weaken the bonding, but the gel cannot change the original bonding color.

It is not recommended to proceed with the treatment if you have any cuts on your lips, canker or open sores in the mouth as it may cause discomfort and pain during the treatment. The whitening gel will cause no harm to the canker or to the open sores, as peroxide has been used on dental patients to heal oral tissue. However, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your experience. In some cases, direct UV lighting can trigger a cold sore outbreak, typically if you are already prone to cold sores. Also, remove any oral piercings. Please let us know before your appointment to discuss.

We can’t guarantee a certain shade because we aren’t using chemicals to alter your teeth. We simply open the pores and whiten stains from 3 layers down, the surface stain, enamel stain, and the dentin layer stain. This will whiten your teeth to your natural stopping point, and that is different for everyone. For most of our clients, we see them get to the top 3 white shades on our guide, though.

We use a proprietary recipe, but we can tell you it's a plant organic-based gel with dental-grade hydrogen peroxide and no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It also includes key ingredients to benefit the teeth, such as aloe, calcium, and other trace minerals.

It is not uncommon for the hydrogen peroxide gel to cause soft tissue or gum irritation if it comes in contact with a tender area, cut, scraped gum or lesion. This is called chemical burn and will normally disappear within 24 hours. Keep us informed if you have any cuts, ulcers or other lesions before your appointment. That way we can avoid those areas and or schedule your whitening after the area has fully healed to guarantee a comfortable experience.

In some cases, you may see white spots on certain areas of your teeth. Calcium deposits or very porous teeth typically cause these and are enhanced by dehydration during whitening process. These will normally disappear within 24 - 48 hours.

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